Suresh Krissna’s next will have direct TV release


Suresh Krissna's next will have direct TV release

May 04, 2016

Chennai, May 4 (IANS) Veteran filmmaker Suresh Krissna’s next Tamil outing, “Hitler: Engirintho Vanthaan”, will be released directly on television. He hopes this move will open new avenues for talented filmmakers and writers.

“There’s a huge vacuum for good talent in the industry. There are writers brimming with great ideas and directors ready with interesting stories to tell. But, there aren’t sufficient opportunities for them,” Krissna, known for helming films like ‘Baasha’ and ‘Satya’, told IANS.

He feels a lot of his established colleagues – writers, directors, music composers and singers – with whom he had worked on several occasions don’t have work anymore.

“Everybody wants to work with newcomers. And those who are really passionate about cinema which is their bread and butter are jobless,” he said, adding that this attempt to make films exclusively for TV might serve as a platform to employ both senior members and young talent from the industry.

“I see this move as IPL, where senior players as well as young talent find place in a squad and play,” he said.

He bounced the idea with Zee Tamil channel, and suggested that he’d make a film exclusively for them

“Most Tamil channels have stopped buying films because of high asking price. If your film doesn’t feature a star, then no channel is willing to spend a bomb. So I told Zee Tamil team that I’d make a film for them for the same money they’d spend on satellite rights of a film,” he said.

Krissna made the film on a budget of Rs. 35 lakh in just 9 days.

“We didn’t compromise on the quality of the output. The story was run past the channel and only after they agreed, the film was sanctioned. I wanted the cast to include some familiar faces, so I roped in popular actors Delhi Ganesh, Devyani and Bharat Kalyan, along with newcomers Arjun and Pavitra,” he said.

“It’s made like a regular commercial film which otherwise would be released in theatre. The aim is to create a path for many filmmakers. If this concept is successful then all channels would be willing to follow suit,” he explained.

The film will be premiered on Zee Tamil on May 29 at 3 pm.