Awesome Tribute to Tyrion Lannister “Hand of the Queen”


There might not even exist any Game of Thrones fan who hates Tyrion Lannister!

The beast with the face of an imp, Tyrion, is probably one of the most loved and best characters in Game of Thrones. The history of the character is quite a pity but he has been struggling all these seasons to now finally be named the Hand of the Queen. From being hated by his family, including his father, to being mistaken as a sinner and forsaken by his one and only love, he has had quite a hard life all these seasons. Daenerys, aka Khaleesi, seems quite impressed by the cunning mind of Tyrion and gives him the honour of the Hand of the Queen as she conquers the 7 kingdoms.

This video amazingly surrounds his complex yet beautiful life and its the most awesome things you’ll see on the internet all day!