9 best Indian TV shows of all time


9 best Indian TV shows of all time

It has been a couple of decades since satellite TV came into existence. There are many national shows which had entertained us before these soap TV shows began to occupy the television. Here are 9 best Indian TV shows of all time.

Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai

It is still considered as the most entertaining Indian TV shows till date. The reason why this show is loved by all is, it was a slightly different take on the modern society. The story revolves around an elite mother-in-law and her daughter in law in a Modern Gujarati family.

Malgudi days

Malgudi days is all about the story happening in an Indian village before independence. It portrays the old time when there was discrimination among people. The good thing about the show is it depicts the real life of the village rather than a dramatized version. It was a great show which was very different from the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law soaps which were dominating the television at that time.

Office Office

This is an interesting TV show which portrays the things happening in government offices. It interestingly highlights the corruption problems and the issues a common man faces when he visits a government office to get things done.

Bharat EkKhoj

Bharat EkKhoj was the TV show which was based on Nehru’s Discovery of India. The show portrays a long time span starting from Indus valet civilization to the time when Nehru lives. It is entirely based on history and clearly shows the life of the people who worked towards India’s independence. Although it might be boring initially, you will get interested as you continue to watch.


Chanakya was a brilliant TV show which caught attention due to the scripting and the acting. The only contradicting thing is, it portrays Chanakya as an unrealistically nobleman. It contains politics, government policies, ruling, the social portrayal of old time and will educate you how the ruling system of kings worked.

Hum Paanch

Hum Paanch was directed by the most famous lady of India television, EktaKapoor. It was basically the story of 5 women protagonists, and it was a different story line. Popular Bollywood actress VidyaBalan has played the role of RadhikaMathur in the show.


Antakshari started airing in 1993 in Zee channel and became one of the popular shows. It was a Musical Antakshari show which also had some other rounds which have visual and audio clues. The show continued for 11 seasons, and the audience themselves had the opportunity to play with the show.

Zabaan Sambhal Ke

It was the Indian version of popular British show “Mind Your Language”. It is the story of an unemployed engineer who finally decides to take up the Hindi language teaching job in a school. This show was really popular, and it has many audiences so that it was again shown on Home TV.

Param Veer Chakra

It was a military show which telecasts the story of people who have received Param Veer Chakra. As it was launched in 1988, it doesn’t show the life of soldiers who participated in the Kargil war.
The above-mentioned TV shows had many audiences, and still people love to see their re-telecasts. People would like to watch second seasons of all these shows because they had already won the hearts of their audience.