8 Best US TV Shows Of All Time


8 Best US TV Shows Of All Time

Which is the best TV Show of all time? This is all about the best and favorite shows of all time in the US which people still hold near to their hearts. The shows, which still remind them of their childhood memories and inspired their creativity a long time back. So here are 8 Best US TV shows of all time.

1  The Bob Newhart Show

It was basically an American situation comedy show, which was aired from 1972-1978 and was directed by Davis and Lorenzo Music. The popular comedian Bob Newhart played the role of a psychologist who deals with the problems faced by his patients and co-workers. That time the show was filmed before a live audience.

2  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It is an American TV sitcom which is popularly called as Sunny and started airing from 2005 onwards and it still goes on. It was shown on FX initially and was moved to FXX from its 9th season onwards. The show has already completed its 11th season and is moving on to its 12th season. It portrays the story of “The Gang” which is a group of 5 self-centered friends.

3  Law & Order

Law & Order is a procedural legal drama which was released in 1990 and continued till 2010. It was the longest running crime drama in American TV history and had 20 seasons, which shared a tie with the show had called “Gun smoke”. The story of the episodes is generally ripped from the newspaper headlines trending that time.

4  Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a long-running children’s TV series which started in 1969 and is still being aired. It is popular for its educational content which is communicated through many interesting ways. It makes use of animation, short films, humor, various cultural references and images to convey things to children. The show has undergone many significant changes throughout history, according to the changes happening in the world with time.

5  Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a science fiction TV show, which was produced by BBC and released in 1963. It shows the adventurous stories of a doctor and an Alien. The show has become a popular cult TV favorite and many of the people have grown up watching this show. There were 26 seasons from 1963-1969 and it was started all again from 2005 onwards and the 9th season is still being telecasted

6  24

It is an American TV series which began in 2001 and was on the TV till 2010. It portrays the story of an efficient agent who is working for the Los-Angeles based terrorist unit.

7  Friends

It is a popular TV sitcom which is the childhood favorite of all people worldwide. It was created by David Crane and was aired by NBC from the year 1994-2004 with 10 seasons. It shows the story of 6 friends who live in Manhattan.

8  The Oprah Winfrey Show

It is a worldwide popular talk show, which was created by Oprah Winfrey and directed by Joseph C. Terry. There were 25 seasons and 4,561 episodes from the year 1986-2011. It is still ranked as the highest-rated talk show of American TV industry.

All of us are fans of all these American TV shows and still do watch the old episodes on Netflix. So which is your favorite show, which you would like to see it forever and wouldn’t get bored? Share your thoughts and comments with us.