7 Most Successful Bollywood Actresses Of All Time


7 Most Successful Bollywood Actresses Of All Time

The name Bollywood is derived from the word Bombay+ Hollywood. Bollywood films are in the Hindi language. To work for Bollywood film industry is a dream of almost all youngsters. Bollywood produces more than 1000 films every year. All the Bollywood actors and actresses that belong to this field have stories beyond our imaginations.
Here we represent top 7 best actresses that showcase their talent in Bollywood.

1  Madhubala


Madhubala is one of the sought-after actresses in Bollywood. She had presented herself in American magazines such as theater arts.


2  Sri Devi

sri devi

She is the first female superstar of Indian cinema. She has won four Filmfare awards. She started her career since childhood in 1967. She has ruled many hearts by becoming Chandani. She is one of the beautiful and talented actresses in our Bollywood.

3  Hema Malini


She is known as the “Dreamgirl of the industry.” She is the most successful female film star in the history of Indian cinema. She has been involved in politics. Her performance in commercial cinema was often recognized.

4  Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit

She was born in Mumbai. She is great Kathak dancer. She was preparing for her graduation but her life took a new turn, and she entered in Bollywood movies. She became the one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood. She struggled a lot to be the best. She dominated Bollywood as a leading actress and dancer. She acts in more than 100 films including box office hit movies.

5  Aishwarya Rai


She was born into an ethnic Bunt family. The lady started her career by modeling at a young age. She firstly appeared in advertisements for many firms. She became famous by advertisement. One of the most beautiful women and became Miss World in 1994. She has worked for a lot of films in Bollywood. She has also worked for some of the Hollywood movies and is a versatile actress.

6  Katrina Kaif

katrina kaif

She is a real beauty. She started her career by modeling and then she entered in Bollywood. She has done her first film with Salman Khan. She has given a great combination of emotional, drama, comedy and lot of emotions which are captured in our heart.

7  Deepika Padukone


She is the current leading lady in the Bollywood. She is the shining star of the Bollywood. She started her career by presenting herself in Om Shanti Om with Shahrukh. She has proved herself a big player. She entered in Bollywood when she was nothing and now Bollywood has given to her name, fame and she is everything to almost all her fans.

We cannot limit the list of successful Bollywood actress by providing seven names, but there are many actresses who are equally competent in terms of beauty, acting skills, and intelligence. One of such actresses is Priyanka Chopra, who was recently a special invitee for Academy Award winning ceremony. These ladies listed here are crowned as legendary Queens of Bollywood film industry by their sheer brilliance and performance.