6 Richest Hollywood Villains

    6 Richest Hollywood Villains
    6 Richest Hollywood Villains

    6 Richest Hollywood Villains

    In motion films, some villains are real heroes. In many movies, you can find negative characters outsmart the lead character with their sheer performance. Portraying a bad guy character need excellent character presentation abilities, and able maintain their unique effect dialogue presentation and body gestures. There are many villain actors, who command good remuneration for their profession. Let us list here 6 riches Hollywood Villains, who made a good fortune by portraying negative characters.

    1  James Earl Jones


    James Earl Jones has portrayed the famous Lord Vader, Darth Vader, in Star Wars Series. He brings life to the negative character. James Earl Jones is an American born on January 17, 1931. He has a net worth of US45 million and is one of the best negative actors in Hollywood. James Earl Jones has won many awards, including Golden Globe Award and Emmy Awards.

    2  Anthony Hopkins

    Anthony Hopkins

    Anthony Hopkins masterpiece character is Hannibal Lecter. His villainous dialogues are always remembered by the viewers and have invariably used by his fans. He is a Welsh actor and stage player. Anthony Hopkin is one of the best living actors and has a great ability to mimic his sound matching the character requirements. His estimated net worth is about US$ 160 million.

    3  Louise Fletcher


    Nobody can forget the Academy Award Winner film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The sadist character of ‘nurse’ portrayed by Fletcher will remain as one of the strongest negative character ever produced by any Hollywood films. Louise Fletcher is a US actress with excellent ability to cast negative character. Her debut was in the serial TV Maverick in 1959. She got many awards including Academic Awards for her outstanding acting performance. Her net asset value is $ 1 million.

    4  Javier Bardem


    The famous negative character in ‘No Country for Old Men’ will always remember in the heart of millions. He has such a brilliant ability to portray the cold-blooded Anton in a calm fashion and facial expression. Javier Bardem is Spanish by birth and a most sought after villain actor in Hollywood film industry. His net worth is about US$20 million.

    5  Ralph Fiennes


    If you have seen Harry Potter Series movies, then you probably will not forget Voldemort. The 53-year-old Ralph Fiennes is an English actor who brought life to this famous negative character in Harry Potter Series. His negative character Ammion Goeth in Schindler’s List was instrumental in getting nominations for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Also, he got the nomination for Best Support Actor for Golden Globe Award. He has won many awards such as BAFTA for Best Supporting acting role. His net worth is about US$ 30 million.

    6  Mike Myers


    Mike Myers notorious character Dr. Evil in Austin Powers Series is a well-remembered character. His role on Saturday Night Live, a serial telecasted by NBC 1989 to 1995 also wholeheartedly accepted by millions of television viewers across the USA. He is a Canadian-born actor, comedian, screenplay writer, and producer. His net worth stands at US$175 million.

    The listed actors have given life to some of the best-remembered villains in the Hollywood films, and they will remain in our hearts for their bold efforts for giving life to these negative characters. Many of them portrayed these characters by neglecting their personal life and without considering the negative impacts these characters can create in their life.