6 Hottest Hollywood Singers Of All Time


6 Hottest Hollywood Singers Of All Time

There have been many singers in the world while some have been able to make a name for them some came and just withered away. In this post, we will take a look at some of the hottest Hollywood singers of all time. Surely you would have heard about them and listened to their songs. The manner in which they sing and dance, make them not only hot but make you listen to their songs as well.

1  Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is a home name as who can forget moon walk and those twisting dance moves. Probably nobody can match his dance moves even today. Such is the rage that you can find many youngsters wanting to dance and sing like him. A singer, songwriter, choreographer, producer, and entertainer you can find him bring out albums like Dangerous and Bad.

2  Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley was a songwriter and actor. He began singing at a very young age. What is so amazing about him is his singing and dance moves. That beautiful hairstyle, the walk, and the charm he carried around is something that cannot be found today. Even directors who directed his movies or songs found him too hot to handle.

3  Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Whitney Elizabeth Houston, who died on February 11, 2012, was an American singer, producer, actress, and part-time model. If pop music had a mentor, then it would be Whitney Houston, hands down. Her voice was very powerful, and that is something you will notice in most of her songs. It has the ability to get you grooving right down.
You cannot forget that satin evening gown that she wore when singing. However, she was not that regular pub singer. She was way beyond that. She even acted in few movies that were mediocre in Hollywood. Though they did not make noise in the market, they were able to establish her as an actor as well.

4  Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin

If there is a Spanish sensation, then it has to be Ricky Martin. The name is so familiar with the music. Some of his songs like Private Emotion, Nobody Wants to be Lonely, and others have left a mark in the music industry. If you want to experience true Latin music, then you got to hear his songs which are dance-worthy and listening several times.

5  Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez finds her name on this list because she deserves it. The Latin singer, actor, and songwriter has come up with some memorable songs like My love don’t cost a thing, If you had my love and others. These songs are not only groovy but can be listened several times. The beat and dance moments are some of the highlighted features.

6  Rihana


Rihana is the queen of Hollywood pop music. She shot to fame with her debut chart in June 2005 with “Pon de Replay.” It reached to top five in 12 countries and brought her all the fame, which was very deserving. All her songs were very popular and got worldwide attention. This young Barbadian singer had won many awards, 6 Grammy Awards, 2 BRIT Awards, 8 American music awards, 22 Billboard best music Awards and many other accolades.

These were some of the hottest Hollywood singers of all time. Pretty sure you would have listened to their music. If not, you might want to download some of their songs today and have a blast. Remember, if you haven’t listened to them, then you will never have a good understanding of quality music and sound.